Skin Moisturizing How Simple Easy To Learn

Steam moisture
Boiled some water every day, so that the steam moist skin for five to ten minutes, and then coated with cream, but also sound and economical moisture. You can also put some moist plant room, moisturizing and filtering, the role of air, so you feel fresh and comfortable.

Deposited in the face with a thick layer of emulsion

Indoor dry, face tight, moisturizer and more coated with a layer of moisturizing factor can be water lock to prevent the loss of too much. Do not water the flowers, repeated water sprinkled on his face, the skin is unable to adsorption, but also because of the evaporation face feel more dry. The night before going to sleep can be emulsion painted a little bit thicker.

Steam bath to enhance the mask effect

Apply moisturizing mask, you can bath in the bathroom, with the help of steam, mask the ingredients more likely to be skin quickly absorbed.

Drink plenty of water

Drink plenty of water is the best, the easiest method of skin care, not only can speed up metabolism speed them altogether out of the body of excess waste, but also make the skin surface of the water film to keep moist feeling and flexibility. The morning to drink a large glass of white water, after like horse drinking water last only one day to drink it.

Monolithic Moisturizing Mask

Vacuum mask of the single-chip packaging, eliminating the need for your paper mask plus lotion trouble, and, it is usually the collagen solution soak mask film, more effective than lotion, lack of water is clear and certain to use emergency. Make-up before the pay-type mask, makeup base effect will be better.

Avoid used oil skin care products

Oil can play the role of sebum film to reduce evaporation of water, but oily skin care products are not necessarily more moisture than fresh and more skin care products, and it may increase the secretion of the surface oil and block pores or cause sensitive

         Lotion + paper mask, both effective and save money

Do not have a day with a moisturizing mask attaining a relatively simple method is: with your usual make-up water (no alcohol will not cause irritation, allergy) down on paper, film, one to the face, relax for a minute or two , you will feel the skin moist and elastic.
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Apr 14, 2012