Never Went Looking For A Soldier........

I always heard the horror stories of being with a soldier, the broken hearts, the cheating, always being gone, and sharing them with the army. And I have had some horror stories myself from dating soldiers and I almost gave up on dating in general no matter civilian or military but then I met this amazing guy we started off slowly talking as friends keeping in touch with each other every day just the little stuff it was almost 2 weeks before i finally met him, we were on a dating site, the first night we met was awesome we talked the whole night it wasnt awkward and I felt no pressure to try & charm him we were just being ourselves and when it was time for him to leave neither of us wanted him to go. We have been together ever since that night, well actually we have been together since we first started talking cause I knew this one could be the right one for me. It makes me proud to be an army girlfriend knowing that our soldiers defend our freedom that so many of us take for granted. I didn't go looking for a soldier but I found one and I'm so glad I did because just like all the rest of the military girlfriends, fiances, and wives I LOVE MY SOLDIER!
thollytaylor thollytaylor
26-30, F
May 10, 2012