My Story...or I Guess Our Story

ou know those people who have every detailed of their lives plan? Yes I use to be one of those girls, I guess to some degree I still am. And while those plans continued to change and I became more flexible with them I never, ever, planned on falling in love with a man in the military. And then you came a long. With your goofy smile and sexy flight suit. And you changed everything, you won me over in a way I never expected, and you've shown me a love more powerful than I ever imagined.

But the military thing is still there. In a way the U.S. government now owns a piece of my heart. Sure I knew, on some level, what I was getting into but there were things I never considered. I live in constant fear of the unknown. I can't control where they will take you, or move you next. I can't even keep you in the states. I can't always keep you safe from everything. I can't even be guaranteed that you will be home at night. I can't plan my weekends in advance, and I can't be guaranteed that the plans we make will follow through. I can't always know what you're doing at work. I can't always know that you're even on base. I can't ask too many questions about your past or what you did over there. And I can't always hold your hand when we're in public.

I live in constant fear that they will take you from me. That one day I will have to learn how to love you from afar. But if that day ever comes, there will be even more that I don't know, but there will be some things I will always know. I will know that wherever you are you are thinking of me. I will know that whatever happens you will love me more deeply than anyone ever has. I will know that as long as I have you I will always have the best friend I could ever imagine. I will know that once I am able to be in your arms again, it will be the best feeling in the world. I will know that if can find Orion's Belt, there's a very good chance that just for that instant you will be looking to, and for that moment you won't be across the world, but you will be with me where you will always belong.
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It's amazing, how soldiers have that effect. I said I'd never date another soldier again. TO many heart breaks never being truthful. THen He came into my life. Cute smile so crazy silly personality, amazing eyes, and can't help it but he looked damn good in his ACU's. We are dating true heroes. I want to thank your hero for everything he has done. Thank you we will be indebted to you for the rest of our lives.

Thank you for this comment!! I was having a rough time last night and I read this and it definitely made me smile and really put things in perspective!!
And yes, our soldiers definitely do have that effect don't they? It's those damn uniforms I swear lol

It is the uniforms. We just can't resist. One moment you see them the next you falling for them. But hey its one of the only time that you get to mess with Government Property and NOT get introuble. if you know what i mean. hehehe.

I love that! haha Very good point!