My Baby Is Too Far Away

I met Rashine in high school and we immediately hit it off, after a couple of months i thought this could never work out, he was young and naive not wanting the same things i did. Devastated as i was i broke it off to save myself further pain. He never returned to school the following year and i heard that he had migrated. After about two years we communicated through facebook, where i found out he's married and in the army. I was still mad at him deep down for being a player, so we never really communicated much. Recently, now five years since high school we reconnected again through facebook and somehow i found feelings i though had long vanished, he's now divorced and i must admit more mature than the person i knew back then. We spoke frequently on social media for months when he told me he is being deployed to Afghanistan this December. Still i remained unphased i thought he's in the US i'm in Jamaica, even though i'm having feelings for him i'm not even going to consider it a relationship. He then surprised me with a one week visit where we spent every waking hour in each others arms, and now i am madly in love with him. Now he's back home, and in addition to the already long distance between us, he's scheduled to leave for Afghanistan the day after tomorrow. I love him so much and I keep telling myself and believing that it will work. I wont see him for at least another year even tough we talk frequently, but I just want him here so bad at times. He's so crazy, he tells me to "man up" and dont get sot on him. I really have to laugh, I cant believe how life can be so unpredictable. So im waiting on my baby, a whole year, i know it will be rough sometimes. But im sticking it out, because im just convinced that this is some work of faith that we found our way back to each other after all this time. Love You Rashine Williams, sooo much, and sometimes tooo much. LOL stay safe baby
shanshanlatham shanshanlatham
Dec 13, 2012