Love Beyond Distance, Beyond Time, Beyond Fate....

I'm in love with an army officer who lives 1800 kms far from me. I met him on a social site, we became frenz. Then suddenly I felt that I have feelings for him. So, I told him about my feelings & I came to know that he also feels the same for me. I'm lucky that he accepted me but right now, he is on a mission. Unfortunately, I don't even know where he is or he is alive or not...! He left on 29th of December & i could not even wished him on new year...:(
Before leaving, he told me, "this time, i may return after a long time."..............his words suddenly created a scary feeling in my heart. But I din't show it before him. I replied politely, "I will wait for you. Take care, my soulmate. May God always protects you."

And then he left for the mission.

Till today, I'm waiting for him eagerly. No wonder, I do miss him a lot. But I also realize that he is a soldier first. And for a soldier, his duty & motherland come first.
Anyhow, I will always be hopeful as he promised me to visit my place after he return back from the mission. I will wait for that day when we will first meet.
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18-21, F
Jan 6, 2013