I Thought He Was Crazy!

My relationships in the past have always been in steps you meet, date, become serious and so on. Well mine and Emerys relationship is and started out much different. I met emery about 9 months ago in Guam i was out there with my bestfriend(cassie) working at a local bar. Guam is an island and the U.S has about 11 bases and many ships, subs, and jets stop at when they are on deployment. Well one night the girls and I decided to go out to a local club called the W. This is where i first saw Em. As i walked in i saw this tall dark and super sexy man sitting at the bar drinking by himself. I would glance over every few mins to see if he had looked up and maybe i could catch some kind of eye clance from him. But he never did he was to stuck in his phone. So i moved on and started dancing with my girls. Well one of my girlfriends had walked over to the bar and had struck up a convo with him but as she walked back over to the group she had told us he was an ***. I was thinking thank god i didnt start talking to him. But i couldnt help but keep looking at him. I dont know what it was but something inside me told me to walk rite over there and ask him what was his problem and thats exactly what i did. I sat down and said why are you such an ***. His comment back was can i buy you a drink. I was shocked he seemed much nicer than my friend has made him out to seem. We Had talked for about two hours and then he had to go back to the sub since he was on deployment but he wanted to see me the next day and i agreed to see him.
The next day i met him and his friends at the hilton pool. We were swimming, drinking beer, laughing and getting to know each other. He seemed to be a very blunt kind of cocky person where as i am much more reserved and quiet person. He told me about his life and that he had 2 kids and was just very straight up and honest with me. I honestly didnt think that we were going to go anywhere i thought i just met a new friend maybe not even that. As it was growing dark i was going to head home when emery pulled me aside and asked if i wanted to go on a walk. As we were walking he opened up completly to me about how he felt about me. I was taken off guard on how blunt he but also how honest he seemed to be. I thought he was crazy! How can you like someone this fast? He is just lonley? Was he crazy? i didnt understand and stilll to this dday i didnt understand. He asked me how i felt about him and i could just say he seemed to be a cool person. I thought he was attractive but i couldnt say i had feelings for him just yet. I think it made him mad and he gave me his number email and all his info and told me to email him. He was leaving the next day.
I went home and explained everything to my bestfriend and she thought it was adorable. i still thought he was crazy! But i emailed him almost everyday and i saw him again and i fell in love with him. It took me much longer to grow these feelings for him. But who would have thought i would love him ..i thought he was crazy!!! Now we are amazing we have are ups and downs and we arent perfect but he is my bestfriend and the love of my life. it was just crazy how fast everything went
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