The Surprise Ex...

I am so glad this is in my past but back in the day this caused me a lot of drama.  I had been dating my boyfriend for about a year when I received a message from a female claiming to be his girlfriend.  I confronted him about it and he said they had met at work a couple of weeks before.  I asked him if he had led her to believe he was single and he affirmed this.  I broke up with him because my personal feeling is that if any other woman can turn my man’s heart then no matter what feelings I have for him, he isn’t mine anyway.

A few weeks later she sent me an email to inform me that they were engaged. I was outraged and to this day I don’t know why. I threw my phone at the wall, shattering it into tiny pieces. (Way to show him by causing myself to have to pay money for a new phone.  Way to really hurt him. Huh?)  I was quite emotional about the fact however.  I’m not sure what hurt more, the fact that he proposed to someone after a month of dating when we dated for over a year, the fact that we were still friends and talked several times a week and HE didn’t tell me, or the fact that he proposed to her skanky butt in the first place. I think one reason is that I have rules in dating and I just do not jump from guy to guy.  When I have a break up I generally will keep to myself and work on improving myself until I feel a respectable time has passed.

My friends came and forced me to get out of bed, picked me up, and took me to the bar.  While there they kept the alcohol free flowing all night.  I was definitely intoxicated. They should have never let me go home but somehow I stumbled to the computer, and proceeded to email him. I told him every emotion I was feeling at the time, including how I wished things had turned out differently and how I thought his new fiancé was the biggest **** in town and needed to mind her own business and leave me alone. To make a very long story short, they weren’t engaged but she was very jealous of the relationship that I had with her boyfriend.  She didn’t like that he would call me in the middle of the night when he couldn’t sleep, that he would still drop by my house, or that we worked out together sometimes.

I am still friends with the man in the story, but he will never be allowed to date me again.  Unfortunately men I date these days seem to pay the price for what happened with this boyfriend and one other. Remember the FaceBook wall break up story? 

I am wondering, How many of you have messed with the new girlfriend of your ex?  What did you do when you messed with her?  How many of you have had similar happen to you?


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I know what you mean. silly girls! LOL

She is just mad that he wont give her the one thing he gave me but she isn't missing anything he would just run and leave her to pick up the pieces and try to make the best out of a bad situation

LOL you know you are better.

She was mad about something that happened way before she had met him even though I have no interest in him whenever she sees me she has to make sure I know I am a piece of crap ***** I don't let her bother me

That is sad. I don't know why people can't leave others alone.

I never messed with my exs current girl friend but they have messed with me

hmmmmm..... interesting story..You have the same motto as me never look back especially at ex's

I never been in a relationship of any kind so i never had the drama. I couldn't ever get close to someone who started a lot of drama.

IMA, I don't like to go backwards myself. Too funny on the stupid chick though. OMG was it you? Just kiddin. lol

Awww AC I will be your ex as long as you will be my friend. I love you sweetpea.<br />
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Nan, Thanks and I agree,. No need to fight over a man when there are literally dozens preening like peacocks to have a chance. <br />
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Wynteri, I have a calendar with all my guy friends special ladies listed on it. (moms grandmothers, sisters wives, and girlfriends) I shop for them and make sure the gift is wrapped nicely for all my guy friends. I get rewarded though because they will buy me tickets and take me to a special game of they will mow my lawn, or fix my car. All the things that I hate to do for myself. It is a give and take.

I wouldn't dream of breaking up a relationship to get a guy. Although I myself have had the kind of phone call that you got. Back in my single days, I dated lots of men. I'd never make such a contact with an existing girlfriend. And I'd never take a man back once we'd broken up, no matter how much my heart was hurt.<br />
Good on you, FG!

Thanks Blimey. he isn't with this crazy chick any longer either. His new gf is pretty cool. I hope so seeing as I pick out all her presents lol.<br />
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I love ya wynteri.

Personally, I've never messed with an ex's new girlfriend, I find it a bit trashy and it screams insecurity. However, I HAVE been abused, over the phone, and the internet, by the current girlfriend of my ex, who he'd cheated on me with, because she knew he kept trying, unsuccessfully, to get back together with me.<br />
He would call me, constantly telling me he loved me etc, but was still with her. Classy huh? And that led to constant phone calls and texts from her, as well as about 4 faked pregnancies to get his attention.<br />
I ignored it mostly, and got a new number.<br />
I'm sorry to hear you went through that though, but looks like you did the right thing getting him out of your life in a romantic sense. You go girl.