I Am At Peace

NEVER in a million years did i ever think my life would turn out as it has. and that i would be so at peace with it all....i imagined myself living on sweetwater street until they took me to Bisbees(the local funeral home). i imagined filling that house with children, having a garden and sitting on my deck looking at the lake that is in my front yard. but children were not for us nor was the sober life for my husband. i am now so very content living in a little condo in a neighboring town alone with my two dearest beagles. my husband chose the booze and the low life to me. we sold our dream home and went our separate ways after nearly 30 years.....he went down in the bottle but i have been thriving on spending time alone. my job takes up alot of my time and the rest of my time is spent answering to nobody.....my health has been poor so the time alone refuels me....i was always afraid of being alone, i worried about what i would do when my husband died and i was left alone.....i was afraid of being alone and now i love it, my home has become my sanctuary...yes i miss my big house and my big yard and i miss my beloved pets that are buried out back but i carry them in my heart. this is where my life has taken me.....it is almost not recognizable...i commute to the city, i work with children...and i come home alone and i love it......
Amala82962 Amala82962
46-50, F
Jul 22, 2010