Running In The Rain

I met Bobby when I was 9 years old. We were in the same class in grade 4. At that time, I developed a little girl crush on him, which was not reciprocated, but he did decide I was good enough to have as a best friend; even better, in my opinion.

When we were in grade 5, my family moved away, and I thought that was the end of my friendship with Bobby. We moved to a different city, I would be going to a different school, and I thought he was lost to me forever. But, I was wrong. Not long after we moved, his family did too, so by grade 6, we had reconnected. Our friendship was solid. We fell back into the same easy camaraderie as we had enjoyed in grade 4 and 5.  Life was good.

One early summer evening, we were walking together, going to a school dance. As he had to pass my place to get there, he had stopped by and picked me up and we were to meet our friends at the school. We were both all dressed up and feeling pretty spiffy.

Suddenly the sky darkened and thunder rolled and the rain came down in buckets. Bobby grabbed my hand and said, "Let's run." So we ran. I thought we were running to find some shelter from the rain. I was wrong.

"Look up!" He yelled.
"It's raining!" I hollered back at him.
"Yes, I know!" he laughed. "Look up. It's great. I love this."
"You're crazy!" I laughed back at him, but I looked up.
And he was right. It was great. The rain soaked us and we ran. Holding hands and laughing, we ran.

By the time we arrived at the school, we were soaked through to the skin. Our clothing was clinging to our bodies. Our shoes squished with every step. Our hair hung in wet strands down our faces and necks and dripped all over the place; and still we laughed. He reached for me and hugged me and picked me up in his arms and swung me around, laughing and dripping and saying; "That was the most fun I ever had."

You know something; looking back............I can honestly was the most fun I had ever had, as well. We looked like drowned kittens, my hairdo was all gone, but I was happy.

Bobby is still my friend. We have been friends now, for 58 years. This is still one of my favourite memories.

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4 Responses Jan 17, 2012

Awww, this is one of the BEST stories EVER!! I loved it. The BEST things and moments are sometimes the easiest ones to find. They don't cost a dime either.....I loved reading how you found yours and that you and Bobby are still buddies....It ALL just ROCKS AND ROCKS AND ROCKS some more!!

Thanks. The best memories are usually made spontaneously; and you are right, they are free. I made so many great memories with him. It seems to be that way with best friends, doesn't it.

Yup...Best buddies seem to carry those moments around in their pockets and are always willing to share!! :)

Nice to see the innocence and simplicity of a childhood moment, captured and shared...I smiled during the entire read....Indi

Thanks Indi. I appreciate it. It was a great time to be a kid. The rain was still clean enough that it didn't burn our eyes when we looked up to the sky.

How touching a story and with a happy ending. A look back to the innocence days of childhood always makes me smile. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for reading. I appreciate it.

this is a really wonderful story.....................thank you...........rob

Thanks. I love the story and the memory. I am glad you read it.