I Hate Fat People

i wouldn't be able to live with myself if i was fat

fat people... i just hate them. i can't help it. its how i am, and i dont feel bad about it either

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14 Responses Feb 27, 2008

hey jerrica, pass those twinkies, please lol. what i'd like to know is why people are so threatened by others, what are they so scared of? sounds like some of the comments are about more than just not liking certain people. there's more than a tinge of bitterness to be just about not liking a certain segment of the population.

wilder, you're weak as hell, that's why you ran for the block button. best thing for you to do since you can't stand the heat. stalking you? you wish! you're not significant enough to get a stalker here or a friend for that matter. if your IQ was 6 points higher, you just might qualify as dirt LOL! chew on that, tater tot :)

can't get out of bed? i wish that were the case but that's not an option for me. shows exactly how much you know which isn't much.

trust me, tater tot, i would never try to friend someone like you. i like to think that i have better sense and better taste and plenty of people like me, on and offline. don't be jealous. ok?

Besides I have friends in real life I don't come here to make any like those of you who cannot get out of bed. Ok Jerrica I'm done with you.

whether i am or not is beside the point, i just happen to dislike haters that think they're better than others. the advice you give me is some you ought to take yourself, get a life and make some friends on here. i see that you don't have any but i can't say it surprises me.

Jerrica you must be fat you always comment on fat post. Stop taking it personally this is not about you it's our opinion not about you personally geez get a life.

what's even more unattractive than fat is cruel, shallow ********. never did find those attractive, nope.

Fat is not attractive at all...period.

I feel the same way. My boyfriends mom weights about 350 pounds now, when I met her she was at around 300. Its really gross to look at and its even worse to watch my boyfriend give into it. I have tried talking to him about it but all he does is defend her. She can lose weight shes done it before, she use to be almost 500 pounds and she dropped down to 300. <br />
In fact my boyfriend, his brother and their mom are all gaining weight. I thank god I will never ever ever weigh more then 100 pounds. I might die from some horrible disease but I will look great doing it!

Rather be shallow than fat.

Rather be shallow than fat.

Rather be fat than shallow

you must understand that my definition of fat people isn't quite the same as everyone else. two people can be the same size and only one of them would be fat in my head. fat isn't a size to me, its the way they carry it, what they do with it, how they dress over it, they way they live their life around it. etc. <br />
i know plenty of people who are the same size as people I call fat - but to me, they aren't fat. they're amazing, beautiful human beings. because they carry it well, or something else. there's something about them that just takes away the fat in my eyes.<br />
<br />
but yes. i AM really shallow. I know I am. but its shallow in a twisted and contorted way.