Don't Ever Want to Be There

I am pretty obsessed with trying to keep thin/trim. My relatives on both sides that are of my mother's generation are all obese with the exception of my one thin uncle. My brother and I and all my cousins are thin or at least not obese in any way. I have such a fear of becoming fat that it is probably ridiculous. I see my family go through such issues with their health and I never want to be there.  I used to starve myself, but now I am older and have become a little more stable so I keep my calorie-intake low and exercise. I guess it's not the worst complex to have, but I wish I didn't think about it as often as I do.

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3 Responses Apr 13, 2007

I am glad that you have found better ways to keep trim than starving yourself! Hopefully this trend towards a healthy way of managing your body continues and you can worry about it less in the future. I think you can take great comfort in the fact that you have been successful in avoiding obesity. Perhaps you can come to a way of monitoring your bodyfat so that you know you can act on it the moment you are unhappy with it. That way you do not have to constantly worry about it, just make adjustments based on what is actually going on with your body, rather than what worry thinks might be going on. :)

no matter the size you should always love yourself. no matter the size.

If you go by numbers - then I am obese. If you go by the way I look - I'm curvy and maybe a little chubby - but not "obese". If you go by the way I feel - I'm one hot mama. so... I choose to go by the way I feel. :)