Well, Who Does?¿in A...

Well, who does?¿In all honesty, does anyone actually aspire to be 'fat'?¿

I'm a naturally skinny person, I don't put on weight from eating food ~ which is actually getting to be quite annoying, those people who keep telling me to eat more are driving me crazy ~ so right now it's really hard to imagine myself as a fat person...

chocolatesmile chocolatesmile
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2 Responses Apr 14, 2007

I AM IN THE SAME EXACT BOAT! People keep telling me that as I get older I'll gain weight because my metabolism will slow down..haha yeah right! The most I have ever gained was like 10 pounds for about 3 months and then I dropped that 10 pounds for NO REASON. Maybe the scale was off or something.

I completely relate. They accuse me of not eating and say I need to eat more, gain some weight. But they don't get it's not gonna happen, I'm just built this way. Why can't they accept that anyway?