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I have chosen to write a small blurrb on this question, because after i finish today's interview I plan to create my own survey about men's HONEST opinions about weight and women. I do not know exactly what i weight today, but I do know that it is probably about 20lbs more then I usually do. After my husband left me for another women, i went into a depression and ate my emotions away. Ironically once i felt emotionally better about his departure i joined a dating site, and truthfully answered the weight question, well as truthfully as i could since i had thrown away my scale. i had struggled with  my weight since i was about 10 and by the age of 13 my so called intelligent father, thought by weighting me in front of the entire family i would be so ashamed of myself that it would spur me on to lose weight. Well obviously it did the exact opposite, in anger i ate more, just simply to let him know that though he could control and humiliate me, he by no means could control what i put in my mouth. After tears of teasing and when i eventually went to University, i made the decision for myself to lose the extra pounds. OBVIOSLY not for health reasons but simply because i wanted to feel attractive and have a boyfriend. To this very day, the only thing my father has ever said to me with regards to being proud of me, was that i was one of the rare people who lost weight and kept it off. Since he was a doctor he knew the percentage of people who actually lost and kept the weight off long term. So now after adding probably 20lbs to my frame, i joined this dating site and truly expected no one to email me once they saw how much i weighted. To my COMPLETE surprise these men, 1) didnt think i was overweight and 2) stated even if i was, they were by no means perfect and they weren't stupid enough to let a few extra pounds to stop them from meeting the person that might be their ultimate match. WOW, was i surprised. Thanks to them, even at this weight, i now still feel attractive and even though i have started to shed the extra pounds, this ttime it is simply because of my health. Yahooooooooooooooooooooooo

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Just had to comment that anyone hung up on someone's weight or looks really is shallow - no? I have dealt with my 'wieght problem' my entire life. My wife and kids still love me and have many friends.

Wonderful wonderful wonderful.<br />
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I have experienced much the same. and was even told by my mother that she had some nice men to introduce me too - --- - after I lost some weight.<br />
Fortunately - I met a wonderful man on my own - who likes me just the way I am (a little cubby) and we are very very happily married.<br />
Good luck to you.