Affecting My Child's Weight...

What really got me motivated was having my daughter. I believe that what you eat, how you and how active you are depends a lot on how you were raised. I am not saying that it's the parents fault when a child is overweight or obese. But I do not want my daughter to be overwieght. People say that's shallow and yada yada yada yada... Well that's a cop out. People are teased about weight all the time and weight is something that we can control. I have been teased as a child and I was never overwieght as a child (maybe 'chubby' but never unhealthy). If it wasn't a fact that everyones weight is scrutinized then this group wouldn't exist...

I don't not shove health food onto my daughter or onto my husband. But she does eat what I buy. She does eat what I cook and She does eat what I give her. Therefore I can either give her french fries and chicken nuggets or I can give chicken breasts and green beans. She is only two and I want her to learn now. I want healthy choices and an active lifestyle to be something that she knows not something that she has to learn when it's too late. Also, as I said she is only two, I tried to give her an Oreo the other day and she refused, then climbed onto the table to get an apple. That only reinforces to me that I am making the right choices. Not to mention that since my family has went this route I have lost 15 pounds and my husband has lost 10. I try everyday to live a healthy life and I am  proud that I am teaching my daughter how to now and that when she is old enough she will be able to make educated decisions on her own...

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i am 14 and 197 pounds am i fat

Yeah I don't think I said I was abusing her. She eats chicken nuggets. But given a choice she'd rather have an apple than a cookie. And I didn't force anything on her.

Although this is a great idea, I would also be careful as my mother did the same thing with me but her pet hate is anyone being overweight and as a result she was really strict with me. At one point in my life I tore my ligaments in both knees, had fluid in my hip and had torn the ligament from me knee and as a result tore away part of the bone, so was put in hospital for pain relief when I was 11. After she was so determined to make me lose this weight that she put me on a diet and made me parade in front of my grandparents and parents in just a bekini to show how fat I was. The result was anorexia. Do not place too high an importance on eating healthy and being thin as when you are an impressionable child you can take that as being extremely important and therefore for the rest of your life you place a higher importance on living to be thin and that your life won't be worth living if you are not. My mother made it that she would rather I was thin which at my age I believed was the only important thing in life. I would rather die thin than live fat. Even teaching your daughter the importance of health can have negative side affects like some people I know with eating disorders won't touch carbohydrates as they class those as unhealthy and instead survive on vegetables and fruit. Please be careful, I don't want her to end up like me.<br />

Wow. I can't believe I wrote that so long ago! She almost four now. And although she still loves her fruit and veggies she like her oreos and such also! But she still chooses the healthy items! Most times! LoL! I just wish I could carry this attitude across all aspects of her life!

You are an amazing parent! I wish more parents were like you.

Woah, nice! I totally agree what you say! Continue to walk this path and you and, more importantly, your daughter will have a healthy life :)

Great story, and great choices!!! You have done your daughter a great service, and the fact that she went out of her way to get herself an apple made me grin! Too many people concentrate on the superficial aspects of obesity, when the core issue is about making a choice to live a happy life that is healthy. And hopefully when she grows up she will be a positive and wonderful influence on those around and inspire others to make sensible lifestyle choices. And if all goes well, she'll never have to *try* to live healthily, she'll do it by instinct, as we all should!