Fat Is a Relative Term....

When does a person look in the mirror and decide that they have arrived at the destination "FAT" ?

For me, it was when I realized following a treatment course for cancer that my weight had risen to a level not previously experienced by me.

Prior to my treatment, my highest weight was around 152...at my heaviest while in treatment, I was 175.  Now I fluctuate in the mid 150's.

Before I got sick, I was around 146 lbs.  so, I look at cancer as throwing me into a weight range that is completely alien to me.  Although there was a period of my life that my weight creeped into the 150's before my cancer, I was able to successfully diet and lose the weight.

Now, thanks to the early menopause I am experiencing...I feel that I am in a constant state of deprival.  I do not partake of sweets or high fat foods...I exercise regularly, run races with the New York Road Runners....and all I can say is that I am holding steady...not gaining weight....

It seems rather unfair....but I suppose that is life as I am now in a different place than I was before treatment...

ginger1979 ginger1979
41-45, F
Jul 22, 2007