Did It Once And Don't Want It Again...

Back when the world was young and life was fun, the water was clean and sex was dirty. I would tell the women that I was dating that I wasn't into the games. The stupid games youth that when your dating and liking someone, doesn't mean that I wouldn't flirt or play but means that we are either together and you are there with me or we are apart and we don't talk. None of this break up and then back together, then break up again crap.

If she wanted out then there is the door, and have a nice life.

Then I got married and she seemed to want out of the marriage even though I thought things were okay. She didn't want to say what she wanted to me about how she wanted out and find someone else but instead we stuck it out. Tired as I did to provide for the family with the job that I have and found out that she wanted out a long time ago. A decade plus she wanted out. That is a bad relationship.

Thought this is the way married couples are with kids and they work through it all and when the kids are gone they rediscover themselves, hence the phrase "Love conquers" cause they are still in love and now that they are just them again it starts all over...

Now that I am divorced and free on my own, I am seeing that I am happier to be away from that stress and feelings of not being welcome in what was my own house.

When you almost dread coming home from being gone for weeks cause you have this feeling in you where nobody wants you around there, except the dogs and they don't really count, it is time to move on, painful and costly it maybe but it is better to be where you are wanted and desired versus being an outcast among those you thought that loved you.
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You are most certainly welcome dying2live..... Know that you are having a very hard time right now and glad that I am able to give you words that can speak deep to your soul....((((HUGS BACK))))

As usual, something you posted has spoken to me dear mtvlm... "it is better to be where you are wanted and desired versus being an outcast among those you thought that loved you." That phrase has so many applications in different areas in my life at the moment...thank you! ((hugs))

Thank you Leaveyourselfbehind..... Planning on enjoying my life...

isn't it the crappiest thing in this world? breaking up then back together. i especially hate it when things happen and the other person say "then just leave". where is the connection that we felt in the beginning and now... everything falls apart.<br />
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yes, enjoy your life. you deserved it.