Girls Need Some Meat On Their Bones

It just doesn't look good to be *that* skinny. There comes a point where you just get too... "pointy". I've had skinny girls on my lap, and even though they don't weigh much, they hurt more than chunkier girls just because their ***** dig in. Plus, there's a reason girls plump up around puberty and for pregnancy... we're *supposed to*. And still, bones sticking out is not sexy. That and if I were a guy, I'd be seriously afraid of breaking somebody that skinny. I can't imagine it's too healthy to be that skinny either... there's got to be some sort of deficiency in there somewhere... vitamins, minerals... immune system... I don't know.

There's a certain healthy weight between "too skinny" and "fat" that needs to be obtained. Even a little fat is ok, as long as you wear it right and you're fairly fit and healthy otherwise.

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1 Response May 14, 2008

See this kinda message really hurts me. It is not my fault I weigh 8 stone at 5ft 11, I am naturally this thin, my hips are wide so my bones stick out. I am completely healthy I eat almost anything and on top I take build up nutritional milkshakes to give me a third of the RDA just in case it might help me put on weight. My boyfriend is taller than me and weighs around 21 stone so he is over double my weight, he has very big bones i have very small bones (you will see in my pics) but he doesnt "break" me. im fine<br />
<br />
I just want to be fat and cant be :(