Change Of Perspective

It used to be my goal, but now I know how ridiculous it is. I used to restrict my calories and exercise like crazy cause I was so obsessed with getting to that size. The smallest I ever got was a 4 and I hated it. For one, I could never stop dieting. Even though I was eating healthy, I still had to drastically restrict my calories and if I missed a day of exercising it felt like I missed an entire month. Also, I was always so tired from having to keep track of everything. Finally I just had enough, and stopped "dieting". I still eat healthy, but now I don't measure everything down to the last calorie. And I still exercise, this time I have some leeway for those days when I don't feel like it. I'm no longer a size 4, but I honestly feel better at my current size.
4namesake 4namesake
22-25, F
Sep 18, 2012