The Thought Of Marriage And Being A Mom Repels Me

Just a few months ago i was certain that marriage was what i wanted. I mean the whole nine yards, getting married young, having six kids and making love to my 'husband' every night but recently, i changed my mind. Now the thought of marriage and being a mom repels me. I could never see myself being tied down by a man and kids for the REST of my life. All around me are unhappy couples, living in sexless, unhappy, dissatisfying or abusive relationships. All of the above for some! Divorce is like second nature to many couples these days. All people ever say about marriage is negative stuff. Why should i put myself through something like that? why should i suffer just to have someone in my bed at night? i would rather be free, live my life to the fullest and snuggle up with a hot water bottle thank you very much. I'm more the goal- crazy, ambitious type of girl. I want to become successful, influencial, rich and powerful, travel all around the world and have my name known and love by millions. thats what im after. i want to build a legacy not a family. I dont want to have to submit to a man who would probably be intimidated by my success. i dont want to have to compromise my travelling, partying(in correct doses) and living my life the way i wantt to! let's face it most couples are soaked in misery! why should i be apart of that statistic? at first i said i wanted to have a ***** donor an have me and my nannies raise my kid but then someone told me that it is unfair for me to decide that my children dont have a father, it would be a different story if the father had bailed or we had divorced or something because than atleast they would know that it wasnt my fault but if i did have a ***** donor then technically its my fault that they dont have a dad and thats not fair, so i decided not to have kids. It would be too much of a responsibility as most successful mums are almost always frowned at for leaving their kids behind and stuff, i dont need that drama in my life. i mean if ur happily married- great. but for me, i want to be successful and influencial NOT a wife!
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1 Response Sep 7, 2012

I feel the same way