I Don't Know How To Deal With Them!

I don't know how to deal with them at all.  I'm horrible with kids.  I'll probably give them what they need to survive, but I doubt I'll be one of those sweet, caring and nurturing mothers at all.  I'll probably half neglect them. 

And besides, the idea of childbirth absolutely terrifies me.  Even if I do change my mind in the future (not likely) and decide I want kids, I'm better off just adopting them at an older age when they won't cry if a fly just as crosses their path.

deadmoon deadmoon
22-25, F
5 Responses Jul 31, 2010

Childbirth and responsibility are the scariest things in life. It's scarier than growing old. Adopt if you want. I already know I'm not mom material.

Lol, either way. You really loved the dream child.

I did, but those are just dreams. And like I said, I MIGHT adopt two, but what I'm concerned about the most is childbirth.

Didn't you have a dream of having a child and loving it more than anything? That could be you one day.

I did see them. I saw those videos in December of last year. Having kids is now officially a triple No-No-Noooooooo!