Yet I Want To Be.....!!

I never wanted to be luvd by him yet i want him in my life.....i know m talking weirdly but it happenz when u r left alone without giving a reason or cause.He came to me in those dayz when i had started to live in isolation with people around..i had stopped socializing...i alwayz feel fear to b close to strangers and new people in my life.He waz friend of some of my close friends but i knew him only by name.He lives far away from my country n we used to get in touch through internet.He waz so good to me,so caring so empathetic that i cant believe that he has kicked me out of his life.I dont know how to make him come back to me.I never wanted to be luvd in my life but when i found him i could not resist...Now i feel myself completely ruined without him...

pompous pompous
26-30, F
Oct 11, 2009