Choosing to Be Single.

I never wanted to be married.  Growing up, I envisioned myself alone, not lonely, but rather an independent, single, self-sufficient woman who needed nothing but a large bank account.  My friends planned their wedding day while I dreamed of the frequent flier miles I would collect touring the world.  I thought I'd eventually settle into a quiet little cottage overlooking some ocean with a small garden on the grounds and lots of puppies.

As it turns out, married is what I got at the age of 21, and seven months later, a baby boy was born.  The course of my life changed forever.

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2 Responses Mar 11, 2009

I never dreamed of marriage either. Never even crossed my mind! And here I've been married twice already.<br />
<br /> out of the house yet? Ready for your cottage and puppies?

Did your life change in good way or a bad way?