okay so every night I feel crap and started crying and them I started to think of killing myself but I tried not to because my family atm is broken my dad doesn't even help my mom. I also hate my dad ever since I was little. My mom is struggling atm and he doesn't help her. Which made me really sad because my mom works really hard for me and my little brother. My dad don't give a **** about us. I'm trying to stay alive for my mom because I want to help her in the future and I also want her to divorce my stupid dad but she can't because if she does she'll struggle more because my brother is only 8 years old. I just don't like seeing my mom crying it's really painful :'(
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1 Response Aug 17, 2014

You and your mom will get through this. Just stay focused on making things better for you and your family. You can message me if you'd like to talk about anything! :)