I didn't even ask to be born. If they hate me so much why not just get an abortion in the first place? I wouldn't hate them for it.
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If they Truely hate you. Then they have the problem not you. Start the grieving process tell yourself they are dead you don't have parents at least not real ones. I know it's hard to accept but not all people are capable of love. The sooner you stop expecting them to love you the better off you will be. My mother is the biggest Narcissist/heartless ***** you could ever meet 100percent in capable of loving anyone but herself, it's taken adulthood for me and my siblings to realise she was the one with the problem not us and now we argue about who is going to bury her when she gets old coz we don't give a **** anymore

I asked my mother that too. But all she did was lie to my face.

Did you want to talk about it? Maybe get it off your chest and vent.

So why didn't she?

And ouch...

Another ouch... How did he die?

He said you killed him, just like that...

Great way to place blame and have you live with that on your brain...

I wish I had some supporting words right now... But my I'm crashing... Getting tired... Good bight. And PM me if you want to vent.