Everyone says I know how you feel "But!" I wrote this poem when I was 13 if you understand it then you will know your not alone and now I'm 33 not happy but alive.


The smiles no longer mark my face,
They come with pain each effort I make to lighten up my morbid face.

People ask why do I frown upon these joyous moments I have found,
I reply with a darkness unbeknown to those of an endless optimism from where I do not know.

For me happiness bares more sorrow,
As I know it shall all fade,
Or maybe tomorrow.

The faintest hope,
The smallest goal,
The deepest love,
Shall all be gone,
Another wave to reach the ledge my dreams once stood upon.

My face is scared by sleepless nights,
Salty tears soften my lifeless eyes,
A reflection in the light I can not recognise.

My life is a pavement too ruined to walk to bleak to follow,
As I wonder what else will crumble from now until tomorrow,
I lean upon forever falling walls,
Drink from the shallowest ponds,
And live for that which shall never come.
From now until forever till death does come.
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