No Wears

For 6yrs now I have opted out of the skirts and dresses, yes and let me not be afraid to mention that I hate the colour pink..anything neutral, grays, blacks, brown, green amd dark red...Excuse my frankness but i have oftentimes consider it to be a weak colour..

When i make the my weekly journey to the mall, i head for the slacks and jeans, but nothing to fitted, i like room to breathe...I mean I like the look without bumps...paired with graphic tees or hoodies and the lok is complete....

Don't worry I do heels but for those rarity, i would preferr flipflops and sneakers anytime...

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4 Responses Oct 8, 2007

You must be incredibly unattractive.

Perhaps you just want to be a man. Have you thought about a sex change?

It's NOT that women want to become men,it's men wanting to become women.Men hate themselves much more than women and are much more likely to have a sex change than vice versa.The experience project is absolutely infested with self-hating men wanting to push their agenda for other men to hate themselves in the same manner as they do.Transvestites are very loud & vocal about their beliefs,while men who are very proud to be born male and are very comfortable in their own skin remain remarkably silent.Transvestites have been controlling the discourse on experience project for far too long and it's about time that the REAL men take them to task on their self-hating male agenda ! Their is absolutely nothing wrong with being masculine & being very proud of it,but the transvestites will try and break your spirit so you can become one of them--very miserable & self-lothing;who needs that ?! Misery loves company !

What rubbish

What do you women think of us men wearing skirts and dresses, as well as pantyhose and high heels?

Women are laughing their ***** off at you behind your back and think men look absolutely retarded in dresses & skirts & rightfully so !

Women look crap in jeans or slacks. They look like effeminate men. very unattractive

Amen!!<br />
Who says a woman has to wear a dress or skirt! I may have owned 3 my entire life, and I am granny material now! LOL I have not owned a dress in, I don't know, ten years? My favorite clothes are sweats, or roomy sweaters and cotton pants, comfy cozy! Even in this picture I am wearing a sweatshirt.. *smiles*