Rollermania 2

During my first experience with wearing curlers in public ,Mom and I conversed a lot .She told me that she had suspected for some time that I would have liked to have had my hair put in curlers .As I had been letting my hair grow this year ,she had been very pleased with the idea and she had offered several times to curl it .As I had shrugged it off saying "No that's for sissies" .She had felt that it wasn't sincere and that Iwas really dying to get my hair done .When I finally asked her at 7:30am that saturday morning .She realized that she was not ready .She could not use her own as they were at a larger diameter and were not adequate for the length of my hair ,if she waited for the stores to open at 9am ,I might chicken out .She had to act fast .So she got Gladys's .After she had put my hair up ,she found me so cute that she just had to take me  shopping .She also said "this is not the first time we do this together ".As she saw my perplexed look ,she explained .When you were about three years old,I could not get myself to cut your hair .I would put it up in curlers put on your little kerchief and we would go shopping together in parts of town where no one knew us .I would be in curlers too .We would wear matching colors of pants ,shirt and kerchief .We both looked so cute together .People would look at us .I just loved all that attention.I wonder what they had thought ,if they had known ,you were a boy .Today ,I'm having you wear your sister's coat  ,girl running shoes and slacks and acompaning you to the girls' washroom .Do you think I could let my 12 year old son go alone to the men's washroom with his hair in curlers.

Now I had my new curlers and Mom was showing me how to roll up my hair .Hellen laughed at all this because Mom had never been able to interest her in hair styling and here was her brother in rollers every other night .She started calling me Joan .(to be continued)


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3 Responses Dec 1, 2009

Never under estimate a mothers love!

Just love this story. So great when you get to do something both you and your mother enjoy.

Adorable relationship with your family you have there. But don't scar your son.