Rollermania 2a

The day after my first experience of wearing rollers in public was a Sunday and my hair was still quite curly to go to church that morning and that afternoon ,I pitched my softball game without a cap .I did not want to crush my new hairdo .The next day was Labour Day and I went to the municipal pool for a few hours in the afternoon .When I got back home ,Mom her hair in curlers ,was waiting for me .She had proposed to  curl my hair to start the newschool year .She had gone out that afternoon and bought me ,three packages of brush rollers complete with pink holding picks .So as planned .I changed into my  girl outfit ,purple sacks ,pink  running shoes and pink sweat shirt and washed my hair in the kitchen sink .This time she set my hair on larger rollers since she felt a softer curl would be more appropiate as a school hairstyle .After having finished the set ,She covered it with a new purple kerchief ,she had also bought that afternoon .I put on my sister's sunglasses and once again ,off we went .Since it was a beautiful afternoon ,we went bicycling for a few hours ,and later she invited me to a dairy queen ,where we both had a milkshake .Then we went back home for supper.Helen was there now .She smiled as she saw me .She had participated to our Saturday evening Chinease restaurant outing ,Sunday church and ballgame but this was the first time she had actually seen me in rollers .All she had to say was "This is going to take some getting used to .Should I be calling you Joan now ? That night before I went to bed ,Mom took out the rollers and brushed my hair saying "Tonight the curl will relax a bit and tomorrow it will just sit nice .You already have a bit of a natural wave in your hair and no one will really notice afterall noone has seen you for two months .She was wrong about that .Next day ,several girls complemented me on my hair .One even asked me what size rollers ,I used .As she saw me blushing .She just smiled .Sorry ,I did not want to embarass you .Just keep on doing whatever you're doing .Looks great !So I did .Every other evening ,I would wash and set my hair .First mom did it for me ,then I learned to do it myself and  finally ,I ended up doing Mom's hair as well .

That Christmas ,we received Mom's sister Barb and her daughter from out of town .She owns and operates  a hair salon in the Sun parlor area . She was very impressed with our hairdos .She had not seen us for a year and was very surprised  by the length of my hair "What a transformation   ,unbeleivable"she said .Mom explained to her that I had learned to set hair and we had been doing each other's hair for sometime now .The next day ,was boxing day and we all went out shopping for a while but Barb stayed longer than us  .When she got back later on that afternoon ,Mom and I were already in curlers .This really made her laugh .She laughed even harder when I ,still in curlers helped her carry her bags to the parking lot ."Listen" ,she said."I've already talked to your mother about having you as a shampoo boy at my shop this summer ,It would be a great experience for you ".Then she added "You'll definitely need a perm.So just eat right ,and get plenty of sleep and let your hair grow nice and long .I've got a shop full of these divine perm rods that will just be waiting for you" .I'll always remember that diabolical smile on her face as she pulled out of the parking lot .

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Dec 18, 2009