Only Slippers

My mother is so proud and protective of her shiny linoleum in the kitchen and her pristine carpets laid throughout the house that no-one is allowed to enter it with their shoes on. So I grew up never wearing shoes inside my home. It has become the norm for me. I would always walk around only with a pair of socks or socks and slippers on if it was cold.

Even though my mother is a little bit OCD with cleanliness, I do see the logic behind her paranoia. Especially growing up in a country where it rains a lot of the time and we would often come traipsing in with mud-coated shoes. Who wants to spend all that time making sure their floors are clean only to have their partner or kids come home and smear it with filth again?

It is kind of funny because I am half East Asian and am following an East Asian custom that was enforced by my white mother!

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3 Responses Mar 24, 2009

I work in a hospital. Those shoes will not come into the house. Then again, the only shoes ever in the house seem to be worn by guests until they figure it is OK to be barefoot in our home.<br />
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I wish we could be like NakedandBarefoot with clothes hooks at the door, but I do not want to give my FIL a heart attack yet.

Well, you could be living in our home where we all go completely naked. No shoes, no clothes, no worries.

in Canada, EVERYONE takes their shoes off when they enter a house. I have had a few Americans over and was shocked to see them walk in my house with their shoes on. I just wasn't used to it. I thought it was so rude.<br />
It's a cultural thing, we are not all OCD :-)