I Think It Was Due to My Parents

My parents have always been very open-minded and liberal with the 'rules'. Actually, there weren't any rules, really! As long as you did not hurt anybody, were careful when it came to sex and did not allow peer pressure to push you into smoking and drugs... everything was fine. I think it also had to do with the way in which I was told what was wrong. I was not simply told, 'NO!' I was sat down and had everything explained to me. My parents were always described as being 'cool' by my peers because they let me do whatever I wanted, but out of respect for how much they trusted me to make the right decision by myself, I never took advantage of that trust they placed in me. They treated me as an adult and I was not going to disappoint them and demonstrate that I was not ready to be treated as a grown-up.

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2 Responses Mar 25, 2009

My parents were the same with me and I never did anything rebellious either! I think that is the best type of parenting becuase it does instill a lot of responsibility to you and makes you less likely to do something you shouldnt! Afterall when you are being trusted, what fun is it to do something that will cause the trust to be lost!

my daughter eats n drinks every thing I have to watch her like a hawk