I Was Amazed

I was quite amazed at just how many people didn't go to their graduation or prom.  I work with youth ages 6-17 years old and I got a mini-grant to do a project with youth.  All of the youth agreed that they wanted to have a Seniors Prom for their parents, and that's what we did.  We got a gym, decorated it, one of the youth took pictures, we had a king and queen for the prom, we had bids and invitations that were just like the ones for a real prom.  People were actually in tears.  It was just like a real prom, so if your can round up the people that didn't have graduation or prom (believe me there are more people than you think) you can have your dream graduation/prom. It may be late but at least now you don't have to impress anyone with what you wear or who you bring.  You can probably get a free dj like we did.  He didn't go to his prom either and was glad to donate his time and effort.  It can really be a blast.

Rayegod Rayegod
Sep 24, 2009