Cheated Really . . . .

I had no interest in doing 'cool' things in HS, but this girl talked me into going to Prom though hints.
I was amazed that she wanted to go out with me. I was skinny and shy. So I got the hint and asked her if she wanted to go with me to the Prom.
Naturally she said "yes".
I was elated only because she was a really nice girl and I thought this could lead to a nice long lasting relationship since she seemed so into me.

Well I bragged it to a friend of mind who was a "Pretty Boy" and he was amazed that I got her to go out with me.
So without me knowing HE asked HER out to the prom.  - She accepted. After all he was a "Pretty Boy" with all the looks and glam.
So an excuse was made for why she could not go to the prom. But she acted differently now. Not as into me. So I had a few friends keep an eye out for her and sure enough . . . she was spotted with my friend and it was reported back.

What sucked is they never stuck together. They were just there to be trophies to one another and the camera for the event followed them around. They made the year book if I am not mistaken. But really they were worlds apart in personality.
So was made to get excited for this prom and to be with this girl, only to have a good friend kill it all for me on my final year in HS.
That part bugged me more than the missing of the prom . . . but its OK. I learned later the girl was a bit of a nut and my friend found that out first hand.
Sean805 Sean805 41-45, M Jun 17, 2012

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