Thoughts, Memories, And The Saddest Goodbyes

I never will forget the way you would watch over me. How you would sit there smiling while I was concentrating on my work. You'd comment about how much you love the little wrinkles I get above my eyebrows when I'm deep in thought. I wont forget how protective you were. The way you were always there for me when I was scared or just needed someone. The way you held me when I was upset and whispered funny stories in my ear to cheer me up. I won't forget the way you would celebrate with me when I completed something that meant a lot to me. I loved how we balanced each other out. If you were sad, I would pull you out of it. If I was sad, you would pull me out of it. I never will forget your laugh, and how we both would shoot witty/sarcastic comments at each other until one of us just started laughing and surrendered. I won't forget the night I found you sitting outside looking at the sky wearing your most contemplative expression. When I sat down next to you, you wrapped your arms around me, sighed, and kissed my forehead. We sat there for hours not speaking but feeling like everything was right in the world. I never will forget the way you called me your angel, and I can only hope that you're mine now. I never will forget you.
LiveIt28 LiveIt28
18-21, F
Jan 15, 2013