Letters To My Grandfather

How can we remember a loved one?

In 2008 I lost my Grandfather he is really special to me because i Inherited my public speaking talents from him. I was so sad he passed on but then i thought to myslef that i can keep him alive in me.

How Can I keep a dead loved one alive? well because he and i had a close and special relationship and i thought he would like to hear about my life. ever since he died i been writing letters to him about my life.

I will never forget you Poppy Bill!

you know how the father of the bride gives the bride away well because of my relationship with my grandfather I always wanted him to give me away whenever i get married.

the concept i am making here is that whenever a loved one whom you are close with pass on and wants to know about your life is to write letters to your loved one this will not only help you cope but you can stay connected with your loved one.

I have kept the letters he has given to me i keep them in the notebook with the letters i am writing to him.

five years later i am still writing to my grandfather!
starlight88 starlight88
22-25, F
Jan 23, 2013