You asked me to never forget you because too many people had.
I promised that I never would forget you...

How could I?
There will never be another person on this earth who knows the echos of my heart and the whispers of my soul like you did. We were friends and we were lovers. We stood by each other through the worst of times. And had each other to share the joy with whenever it came around.
I know what magic is because i felt it in the air every time we kissed. With every embrace and music lesson it felt from a scene you would watch in a movie. I don't believe that I will ever find the same feeling of magic. Awe. And wonder again as I had found with you.
We have both moved on now and I have gotten over you for the most part. But somewhere deep in my heart of hearts is a piece of me that will never forget. And will always love you. CWM & DTTH

I don't mean to sadden you with my post. I just believe that this bittersweet tale is one that should be shared with the world for the first and last time.

"And as you move on. Remember me. Remember us and all we used to be"

"The bridge is crossed. So stand and watch it burn. We've passed the point of no return"
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3 Responses Aug 24, 2014

This is so perfect, you are an artist. That is talent!!! I couldn't hold back my tears never seen something as beautiful as this.

Awe thanks :$ that comment made me day :$ :$ im sorry to have made you cry.

I never cry at words but this brought me close :)

Awwee thanks :$

beautifull sweetheart. i have one of these myself and they are special in many ways, nice of you to share yours

Thank you. It means a lot to me.

you are welcome. and same here its beautifull