You, Of All People, Should Have Survived

To Jake.

I still think about you often. Not often enough, I feel like. I wish we had the chance to spend more time together. I admired you every second I was in your presence. I never got to tell you that. I wish you had told me you had cancer. I know you didn't want to worry me, but I found out anyway. I just wish I could have said goodbye. I will never forget you because you were the smartest, strongest, most brave 19 year old I had ever met. You, our of all people, should have survived. You already had once! You survived the cancer once. You went to college! I'm just glad that you continued to live, continued to learn and grow until the very end of your life. You were the true survivor. And I know your energy, your life force is still here somewhere... turning pages, maybe even looking for a fallacy here or there to pick on. I'm so glad we had that class together. I miss you Jake, and I will never forget you.

Anitcha Anitcha
18-21, F
Mar 1, 2010