A Transman Story

I know with most transgenders they knew that they were from an early age but I have had most of my memory erased really. The things I do remember involve digging up ants, wanting to know what Barbie had up her dress (lol) and various other things. Then when I hit puberty I definitely did not want the breasts or anything and continually wished to God that I could be a man but never got the wish. I honestly know I'm a transmale. Which brings me to my problem. Also while I was growing up as a teenage year I'd try to pee in the shower so I could stand up because it felt right. I'd look at my dad's hands and wish they were mine, that I could take my top off.

For the last 8-11 years I've been in the closet, trying to force myself to be female so I worry that when I go to the doctor that I'll be denied the hormones and therapy based around that when I know that this is what I want. I want to go through the right puberty. So I'm transitioning from female to male but I guess you could say I'm new to it. I want to take the hormones more than anything so I can match my body to my mind.

And I'm a rather awkward guy.


So that's pretty much me. Nice to meet you.

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2 Responses Mar 5, 2010

I know what you mean. I'm worried about that too. But I feel so much like a man. And I want to match my mind and body. So I'm thinking of saving up for my hormones.

I totally know where you are coming. I am a transwoman, and at puberty every thing I did not want to happen, happened growing wiskers, lusting after my female classmates breast. But I was unable to get the things I wanted most in the world, breaat and a peroid. I would give nearly anything to become a woman, but I don't know how I can afford to become a woman. Even if I could afford the hormons I am scard that I would lose my job if it is discovered that I am trandgendered.