Everybody Has A Court Time, Sooner Or Late She Told

Are sharing a personal experience about how I held many untold things back as a child, while noticing the same characteristics in mines which prompted the idea. from day one never felt I was a bright girl like others in my class.
occasionally being teased or sometimes felt like undeserved torment by others students, still kept my composer though while holding back on further escalating my dire situation, then one evening had a brief talk with mom since she had sensed something wasn't right, well took me awhile at gathering enough nerve to say what was on my little mind to her. afterwards she said doll why didnt you tell me this sooner..vowing to come there at school & raise hell, suddenly i started thinking oh,my! going to be a real problem now everyday after school, if she follow through on coming ? yep got the mess whipped out of me very next day. so in fear i didn't tell mom nor dad much of anything for maybe a few months or so ? lying of course to both whenever they want to talk. then a year or so later this one really big girl had moved by as a neighbor, at first we didn't talk until she seen me being bullied again, next moment both other girls were lying on the ground. I mean she clobbered them. while I began thinking oh boy this might cost me something later? fortunate though never did & as we became better aquainted that girl had told me how her younger sister lost her sight from bullying pranks..well in one eye, as my new friend then told me to never forget & that was even a bully of bulliers as she called gonna have they day in life courtroom too, so had seen it as those other girls day in life giant court overseen by God....also prompted me to tell my child don't ever be afraid to share your feelings &problems with me
Happymom2013 Happymom2013
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Jan 22, 2013