Story Of A Shopping Addict

From day one I was born to shop, mama couldn't take me anywhere without touching something on isles shelves, when got old enough to understand the value of a dollar, i really went hog wild know. gotta have this & gotta have that routine. luckily though food wasn't a shopping item i treasured much, so who's know what I would look like if did just buy food products ?
anyhow times got alot difficult so was forced to cut back on shopping, as i got really depressed for a few months or little longer ? can't remember exactly when
anyway pulled myself out of depression with help from mom of course.
then came her boring but true tales about her parents had little cash to work with when she was coming up, I replied mom don't wanna hear that part of your life, since knew her daddy was a loud mouth drunkard as they call them during those oldies days.however one part of her story did touch my heart , was about old mister Bishop he knew my mom wanted a sweater one year, so reach into his pocket & bought for her done out of generousity & sympathy..something today we rarely see of , cause if somebody buy you a gift had better believe are expecting something in return.....ain't gotta say another about that , so back to my true story, really made me think how shopping wasn't so important after all.
while during that moment felt the addiction band around me suddenly a heavy foot does to twigs after fallen , y'all should know what that sound like anyway.....well that's the end of my shopping addiction story, may bore some but who cares long as a few can learn from this story how more to life than just spending, especially you gals who build their life on spending, had better remember though can't nobody buy nor rent God, & after y'all gone can't take a dime with ya either as grandma always said
Missie894 Missie894
18-21, F
Jan 12, 2013