I Need Advice

:/ I got out of a long relationships about 3 months ago. I started talking to this guy because it was someone to sidetrack me from my depression. I had a crush on him , he was saying all the right things and was just a big hearted and silly. We ended up having sex , I noticed the second time he had two skin colored bumps at the base of his penis. I thought they were moles as did he. He went to doctor to get them and other skin tags removed. He was told they were warts :,( I have been very supportive however he has been pushy about dating me !! I really have lost all romantic interest in him. I am scared! I do have my gardisil shots but , I don't want to risk it, especially since I don't love him.
Californiarebel Californiarebel
22-25, F
Sep 9, 2012