My New ****

I was recently on a site and got a comment from a woman there. We started chatting and soon learned she was a sub and that her previous master had just left her. I said he was a stupid jerk for it as i sense she was something special.

She wanted me to chat with her husband as well and after we had been chatting and a few of the "details" was worked out i told her i wanted her to *** 4 times for me and log them here for me. Which she replied "Yes Sir" We have since had a sub agreement and just waiting for it to be signed.

I am planning on having her husband place the collar on her. It is already his place to pick the collar out and while i know this is not normal i have to say i am not the normal master as well and the "case" here is not the normal case as well. She and I both want her husband to be a part of it all. I am her SIR and she is my Sub **** and am training them both. Her to be a better sub and him to be the MASTER she craves from him. I have already told them that one day i will lose her to him as a Master but i will ALWAYS BE a part of her life.

I can just say that she is a VERY VERY SPECIAL person a TRUE LADY that has a empty place in her life that thanks to some stupid dom i am filling now so to that guy i say THANK YOU. I just hope that we can all make it til her husband is trained properly a lot to learn about it.

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Welcome to the site. Annah has spoken very highly of you. Hope your stay here is full of warmth and love.

Thank you john , hope we get the chance to chat today miss our talks xxx

You are new here, welcome. And I am not sure you have done enough research to be able to write such strong statements.
However, good luck to you both (or is it all three?) ...

MrQ strong statements like what? How do you KNOW what i have or have not done? I am being OPEN and HONEST here if you do not agree FINE ,,,, I think if you ask ALL involved is very happy with what is being done.

Yes it is ''all three '' of us, is there a problem with that ? Yes Sir is new to this site as ''i'' introduced him to it after meeting him on a totally different site which i will not name for confidential reasons . My previous Master which most people already know has not been in contact with me in over 2 weeks so therefore resulting in me leaving . A good Master never leaves there sub without as much as an email or a private text mobile message...I gave my all to him and he failed as a Master. And i failed to keep my feelings for him .

MrQ Research on what???? Research on how to be a Master/Dom???? People are different are you going to tell me to do research ?? Im a submissive and i also have a real life sub that i see quite ofter, we all deal with the BDSM world differently . I am in no way been disrespectful towards you and i never will with any other Dom its not my style , but i am confused to what you are actually getting to your not making sense to me at all....

Annah I was not telling you to do research. Where in my comment can you read that??
MasterG - i was meaning some research (past posts, etc.) on what was going here on EP should be done before calling someone jerk. Not on your Ds experience overall. Fast conclusions might not be always best.

I said all I wanted, deal with that as you see fit & good luck together ...
If you are interested I am willing to continue this discussion but not here in public in comments - just sent me mail.

Annah.. I wonder how you can assume and respond to a comment made on a story which had no reference to yourself what so ever. (MrQ) Then it seems you continue to hijack a persons story or comment making it fade into insignificance and somehow cleverly revolve the whole story about you...which it was clearly not. Hope this does not leave you confused and makes sense.

Im bringing previous comments up about my post on ep . And Sir is correct about the ''jerk'' "hope"" you know what's been going on

IMrQ i do not make it a habit of calling other Doms or people for that matter Jerks but when it is 2 weeks and you do not hear from them then to me that person male female is a jerk Sorry i took it wrong and hope we can get along from here.

HisHope the above story is about Annah she knew it was about her as SHE is the ONLY ONE here i really care about or know well enough to even write a story about I do want to make friends and such just do not want to be attacked when i do I try to be a nice guy to everyone and will as long as they do not shall we say get on my wrong side. So Lets all just be friends and get alone if not then we stay off each others post it is THAT simple

I agree Sir, i think people are getting mixed signals and getting a little confused with the matter. xxxx yours Annah response to you..with respect. MY comment was based not on your story but to a comment left by Annah to MrQ. Who also stated He would continue this discussion in private (which has also been ignored) I'm guessing to keep ones integrity intact! I fail to see where you have been "attacked" and I'm sorry you feel this way. Also I do not take kindly to you insinuating you have a "wrong side" Having said all that. I am glad to here you have Annah's best interests at heart, and wish you both well.

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Wow sir . :) your first story .... And its about me. Im feel honoured . Thank you sir

Annah No worries they will ALL be about you and what is done as LONG as you are happy that is all that MATTERS it seems some do not think i know what of i speak about.

Seems so Sir, after all you have over 20 years experience in Domination and submission, i think people are getting a total different statement because you are new here, xxx