For the past several summers I've been going to my neighborhood rec centers - frequently without a shirt. I typically use the pool or run outside so the ladies at the front desk have become pretty comfortable with my shirtless attire.

Two months ago,when it was time to renew my annual membership I arrived shirtless (not exactly by accident) and asked my friend at the desk if I could get a new photo I'd taken. She was happy to take my picture - so now I have my first ever shirtless photo id.

The past two or three days I've been joking with this same lady - when she says "I see you're wearing your favorite shirt" and I tell her "Yeah, it's really great - easy to wash, dries fast and probably won't fade until February.

I really love this lady - and her sense of humor.

I'd enjoy hearing about shirtless gym experiences from others.
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Congrats, amigo!