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GPS navigation is essential when you drive yourself away from home but usually car GPS navigator is only used for guided navigation, listening to MP3 or radio. However, If you have a Tablet PC that appears in front of you and the price is not expensive can be used as GPS navigator, will you still select a function of a single car GPS navigator? Newman G17, it is a Tablet PC of built-in GPS navigation function.

Newman G17 is made of a composite material, which is very light. Even you hold it for a long time with one hand you will not fatigue because of its 7-inch compact body. Newman G17 body is few physical buttons just only a power button, a RESET button and the HOME button. The RESET button can be pressed effectively just through wiry things which can prevent inadvertently from causing a system reset. Newman G17 power button does not be clicked once to complete the operation of the lock screen therefore you need to press the power button in the pop-up menu for longer time to select the "standby"; However, screen can be lighted up when you press the power button in the standby mode.

The volume adjustment and menu settings of Newman G17 can be operated via virtual keys. Notification bar from left to right followed by a virtual HOME key, wireless status display, battery indicator, time, adjust the volume settings, return. It needs to be noted is that the virtual button on the notification bar will be displayed until you click the power button when it runs APP, which I feel is slightly inconvenient.

The fuselage interface of Newman G17 is very complete from left to right is microphone, power connector, Mirco HDMI interface, Micro USB interface, TF card slot, and 3.5mm headphone jack. Although the Tablet PC also supports multi-touch, but compared with the high-end 10-point touch, it seems a little too few but it is enough when it is used to play Fruit Ninja or double game with your friends.
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Dec 4, 2012