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Upgrade Android 4.0 system, UI is more brilliant
NewsmyK97 can be upgraded to Android 4.0 system and UI interface is more operational and its performance is further enhanced. It applies 9.7-inch IPS capacitive screen, supports 10-point touch control and is more sensitive response speed and smoother and more perfect handling experience. It is equipped 2918ARM Cortex-A8 processor and 1.2GHz clocked and 1GB DDR3 memory will ensure the efficient operation of the machine. Also, it not only has built-in WiFi 802.11b/g/n but also supports 3G Dongle Card as well as supports the USB adapter Ethernet. You can enjoy the high-speed Internet access anytime and anywhere.

Black and white classic fashion
The colors of K97 include black and white that is two stylish elegance. It is front 130W and 200W pixel rear dual camera design allows you to photography, conference video and chat video. It has USB2.0 high speed transmission interface with USB HOST function. You can connect PC, U disk, 3G network card device arbitrarily. In order to share the 3G network with other devices and make you surf internet conveniently, fast, and maximize the use of network resources, it supports wireless routing (AP) sharing and 3G wireless network routing capabilities. Unlike other tablet PC, it still supports Bluetooth transmission, which benefits data interoperability and sharing between equipments.

Full-featured audio and video entertainment Almighty
Its office entertainment features are also quite comprehensive because of preloading with various legitimate business, office and entertainment applications software. It supports E-mail, office suite and mobile office so you can grasp the latest information anytime and anywhere. If you have used it, you will find that you can communicates without limits through QQ chat, microblog and instant communication at any time so that the distance between you and your friends and family is no longer distant. It also supports Vivante GC800 latest 3D standard so that powerful 3D gaming performance is more realistic and more fresh filled with visual enjoyment. What the pleased you is that it supports 1080P full HD video playback, supports RMVB/RM/AVI/MP4/MKV/FLV format decoding without conversion to live comfortably. You will be shocked at the exclusive personal concert hall and the sounds of nature likes the wonderful sound quality and a perfect combination of sound. I think you will like it very much so quickly login
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Dec 4, 2012