Why Are People So Mean?

I'm a kind and shy girl who many people like but there are haters. I'm mistreated by my grandmother and others. I find it very hurtful. I tried to give advice but I was yelled at. I've done nothing wrong and I dislike it when people are mean hateful and cruel to others including animals. I'm beginning to slowly lose my grip on humanity and are becoming a cynical misanthrope. It sickens me to actually see or read bullying trolling ect. Do people take enjoyment out of making others suffer. Being rude typically tells the kind of person you are. Mean, evil, selfish people are a poison to this world. I wish that this world was filled with nothing but selfless,good,kind and caring people than it wouldn't be such a bad place that would make one give up on life. Wouldn't you agree?
Doomstriker1000 Doomstriker1000
18-21, F
Jan 19, 2013