The Night Shirt An Panties!!!

it was late evening and my girlfriend an i were in the kitchen. i was making sandwiches while she made the drinks. i couldn't help myself, i kept looking over at her in her nighty. it barely covered her butt an you could see her panties!! i was so turned on. i went over to her an began to kiss her neck an started grinding on her butt!! i reached around an grabbed her breasts. that got her going. i reached down an pulled on her panties an when they fell to her ankles it was so sexy i quickly dropped my shorts then i pulled her nighty up an she leaned over the counter an chuckled an said ( in the kitchen oh my god) i placed my **** on her butt cheeks an rubbed back and forth while my hands ran lightly on her back then i took the tip of my **** an began rubbing her ***** making it nice an wet!! then i pushed the head in and then got so turned on at the thought that i was getting ready to penetrate her an a moment later i gave a good hard push an i was in!! i reached one hand around an began stroking her **** while the other hand was her ***. i started slowly stroking her with my **** but i had to go faster her ***** was so tight an wet then i grabbed her breasts an began giving her deep thrusts. i was so turned on by her ******* an pumped her faster then i looked down an seeing those panties around her ankles made me explode!!! i stayed inside her for a few minutes while i kissed her back. then when i pulled out she asked me (what got into you) an i laughed an said it was the night shirt and the panties babe!!!
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What makes me grab her and screw her with passion is when she is wearing ONLY one of my dress shirts. It may be just my fetish, but I think there is nothing sexier.

I get turned on too when I see my wife's *** covered in only her panties and it's soo much fun to have sex in the kitchen, hell it fun to have sex in every room in the house other than the bedroom though. Very hot story and it sounds as if you both enjoyed it and it keeps things exciting when you do things like you described.


There's just something about sex in the kitchen that turns me on! Great story, Babe!

your welcome!!!