My First Time In A Gown

As a young boy growing up, I loved how nightgowns looked on my mom. So when I was 8 years old, I sneaked into the basement and tried one on. It felt so much better than my boys cotton pj's that I wore at the time. It was a long loose nylon one that made me so envious of my mom and females. So why do boy's wear cotton pj's that are too hot and are binding. Imagine going to bed in tight fitting things? How is that fair to your son if you made him wear such things to bed. Boys' too need to have proper genital health too.They would be able to breathe at night too. If boys had their own gowns to wear, they would really be more comfortable and get much better nights rest. They may even settle down much faster too, making it easier for them to get to sleep. They will actually look forward to bedtime when they are allowed to wear a nightgown. Nightgowns too shouldn't be gender specific either. Most boys would prefer ones made from satin or nylon. I say let them wear them and enjoy them alot. They will even love you more if they had them in their closets. Imagine a mom and son time while both were in their gowns relaxing in the evenings and chatting about the days events. Don't say no to that. You son will so love you much more if you two had this special time together. Even a sister can feel closer to him this way.
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Having discovered men's nightshirts only in middle age I regret I never enjoyed the freedom of wearing one as a boy and young man. I think all boys should be put into nightshirts or nightgowns; there's no need for restricting trousers and jackets.

You've got to be kidding:)))

I wear a silky full length nightdress every night to bed normally a pink one, my girlfriend sleeps in similar nightdresses to me.

They are called nightshirts. The guy in the Night Berore Christmas wore one. You can still buy them at the Vermont Country Store.

I have a nightshirt and it was hard to find one in the UK.
Its the closed I can get to a night gown without the wife working I am a CD.

Jame give me a dead nice nighty femanie pink one.she sed i know yr a tv so it your as long as u wear so i can c u in. .i agreed but she made thank her by letting her m8 c

i was going to say up until the 30's men wore nightshirts, or what we could call nighties now!!!!

I wear a nightshirt every night and love them, I hope thru suggestion to soon have a nightgown. I know it will be wonderful.

Suggestion? to who, your mom? lol

Back in he 19th Century boys wore a type of gown. Remember the story of Peter Pan in Walt Disney films

As a youngster seem to remember wearing a type of nightshirt. Unfortunately I had to wear something under it. I wore panties, however they were plastic and had a diaper under them. I had a bed wetting issue.

boys should have night gwons an nothing on under them no panties much cleaner for the gentials

nothing wrong in putting boys in night gowns

Guys, if you would like to wear a nightgown, start with a nightshirt to get your gf or wife used to it. Juat google wittmann textiles and you will see a nice variety.

In the past, even in the US all sexes wore nightgowns or nightshirts. Ever watch Little House on the Prairie? Pa Engals wore a night shirt to bed.

My brother slept in a nightgown. My mom called it a nightie or nightshirt too. We both loved them, but he, unlike me, prefers his nightshirt. I prefer to sleep in the nude, if I'm warm enough. To me, it's just that much more comfortable.

How true, It doesn't matter if your Brother wears a nightie,if he enjoys it well, good for him, Niteshirts are good too. I prefer silky p.j's

Well, for a year or so i have been sleeping in nightgowns/nightshirts much like the comic *****

character"Hagar the horrible" ,and the old time photos.

Amen! God does not care what we wear to bed or during the day! As long as you are good person your good to go


Thats so right [pink12]

nightgowns were invented long before pjs but I do prefer double lined nylon nighties they are much more comfortable

As a Christian minister who crossdresses it is so sad that the general perception is that Christians condemn people who crossdress. The problem is the literalist evangelical Christians tend to be more vocal than those of us who take a liberal and accepting intepretation of the Gospel message. The conservative evangelicals do not speak for all who try to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. During the course of my 20 year ministry I have encountered so many people who have been hurt by people I can only describe as narrow minded bigots who base their views on a poor reading of the scriptures and lack the knowledge of the context of Old Testament Law. Furthermore, Jesus says nothing about crossdressing but a lot about loving and accepting people for who they are rather than how they dress. It is a sad fact of history that Christianity (like other world faiths and ideologies) has been used by men as a means of social and political control.

Actually, Christianity has only reflected the values of the public at large.


If the ministers and priests would read the Bible it says mankind (both genders) were made in the Image of God. Now as we all know there was never any mention of a Mrs. God it can only be assumed that God was and is transgendered. From where would the prototype of the female had come from, it is only logical to view it from a transgendered view point.

I can think of a lot of people who may disagree with you, but I like how you've thought it out. Cheers, G

Actually, if you read the Bible, God is referred to by different names according to his relationship with MAN ,collectively and in the proper context.

Please can we stay on topic here and encourage moms to let their sons wear nightgowns. To the moms who read this, let your sons wear them. They will be much more comfortable in nighties and they will love you for it. Lets try to stay away from religion and other things. Lets start to encourage this.

Yes, I agree. Mom and Auntie let me wear nighties when I was young and I loved it...

Lady Monica!

Thank you for that information. Still it does not address the treatment of males who are so cruelly damned by the Christians for wears dresses or skirts, but they say not a word about women wearing trousers, men's shirts even underwear. This is the question that I seek a legimate Christian response to, and none has ever yet come forth.

I guess what I'm speaking to is the hypocrisy here...double standards if you will, never answered.

I submit that the silence is to maintain male dominance over woman as most religions are so totally controlled by men, not women.

Let's suppose your right. Why do the different sexes wear different clothes. Why not a unisex clothing and what kind would that be.

I have beautiful satin sheets and I don't sleep naked. I'd be washing my sheets every couple of days. I agree with Auntmanda2!

That being a person's private choice, I am totally in full agreement with Justin. He mades a lot of good old fashioned common sense.

What needs to be said here has little to do with common sense but religious power, domination, and control over what people wear cus somewhere along the line, Jesus and the other religious leaders have determined that men and boys will die and go to that place of intense fire if they wear any articles of silky clothing that a woman would wear as a matter of course.

I am none the less confused as to why those who determine for all the rest of us, what is, and what is not allowed for men and boys to wear, places no restrictions on what women wear? Course, don't hold your breath waiting for a Christian to answer that question.

First of all the Lord never made any comment on this issue. The apostle Paul made the comments about Homosexuality and cross dressing. But you have to remember that was the cultural norm of the times which he was reflecting.

I sleep in just my boxers, sometimes even nude, can't get much more air then that. Oh and the nude never ever binds up.

for us it was common night ware as it made it easyer for my girl freuinds mother to change us during the night and we had lots of baby type to chosse from loved the red and black one the best so did my girl friends so may time we looked like twins almos as we both had flaming red hair too

I do agree with you Justin. I slept in nighties as a boy. You could really stretch out on the bed without the pant legs rolling up your legs. they were nice and warm in the winter. I remember curling up either to watch the TV or read a good book before going to bed and being so comfortable.

This reminds me of fonder days and when Zi was much younger. thank you.