Nipple Circle Sucking Parties.....Does anyone know of or been to the new Nipple Circle Sucking Parties that have started this year since the "Free The Nipple" campaigns? Not for lactating women. Focus on pleasuring the nipple.....different ways of sucking, etc, etc and responses, etc, etc........Would you participate or start one?
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That sounds like an interesting party. Tell me more

Where do I sign up?

add me to the list!

Sounds like my kind of party

I would love to start a circle here in FL !

I'd only heard one person talking about these before and thought she was pulling my leg. I did tell her that if she hosted one, to make sure that I got an invite...

ME TOO !!! Have nipple, will travel.

I'm willing to put both of mine on the table... :D

Me too!

I wrote a story last year under my original EP account about a party like this! Once again... I am in!! 😊

Sorry I didn't see that......must have been one that lovely EP deleted? Were you lucky enough to get the party started? I still haven't found the nipple people in NC. Time to move!!!!

I'm sure must men would love that . I know I would

Would love to join !!

What a terrific idea. This is the first I've heard of Nipple Sucking Parties, but you've certainly got my attention. Now I'm going to google, "Free the Nipple. "

Sounds like a great idea and alot of fun !!!

I am in !

love too,,,but not yet

Ooh that sounds like making of party!

I would love to go to one of them.

did you ever get it off the ground hon?

Unfortunately, no. Guess I'm the only Southern girl into nipples......what a shame!

Don't feel bad hon there are just so few of us and were spread out so thin.

That "sucks"!

Yes it does, the fact that we cans suck. ;)

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Count me in !

Count my ******* in

I'll suck them *******, rub em, nibble them nips

Yes, me too, I'll suck your nice ******* for hours, hopefully making you ****** over and over.

How sweet of you to share such a precious resource!

I get off so hard from nipple stimulation

My favorite !!!! Love the nips !!!!

That's great, I'd LOVE to observe you getting off from nipple stimulation and being allowed to suckle your nips for extended time making you ****** over and over.

@TiffanyAnn29 : That's my long time fantasy to make ****** a woman from breast and nipple stimulation alone, I'd LOVE to make you ****** over and over playing with your delicious breasts and suckling your hard nips for hours.

I'd love to help u with ur fantasy as it is mine too

Ohhh, until today I NEVER experienced this, that would be so hot that you like my breast playing and suckling so much, I'd LOVE to make you ****** over and over just from breast play and suckling, I'd never get tired, this is so comforting and arousing at the same time.

I'd love to rub my ******* all over ur face

Oh yes, this would be so hot as you rub your big ******* all over my face, smothering me, yes make me gag and gasp for air, I LOVE that so much !

Me too! I'll bury your face in my *******

Yes please, between your wonderful ******* is the best place on earth for my face :)

My nipples are rock hard thinking about it

Mmmm, do your nips some suckling ? I'd LOVE to push your hard nips with my tongue then get my mouth over your areola and start to suckle your hard nips for hours.

They are so hard and sensitive just aching to be sucked

Sorry, in my earlier post I wanted ask if your nips need some suckling. But as you responded, your nips are so hard and sensitive, they cry loud to anyone seeing them that they have to be suckled so badly. as I'm so greedy I start to suckle your hard nips directly through the tissue of your top.

Oh yes!!! Take that nipple in your mouth and make it harder

Oh yes, I LOVE to feel your nip getting even harder in my mouth. First I suckle very gently then always harder till part of your breast disappears in my greedy mouth. It0s great you like that suckling so much that you ******. I LOVE to make you ****** over and over from suckling your delicious nips.

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oh god that sounds incredible

Oh **** hun, this sounds like an AWESOME idea. Can men join in . . . I would sure participate !!!!

Still haven't been able to get a group together. Yes, men and women! How do you suggest I get a nipple sucking party going? My nipples are excited and waiting!

Don't quite know . . . are you in UK ? If so put an ad in 'Sport' newspaper . . . you may have to filter replies, maybe only accept couples at first . . and allow girls to suck the guys' nipples , I love a girl to suck ,ynipples and even to squeeze them hard . . . lovely and very arousing !

Not in the UK. Yes, need to be selective. Anyone else out there have any new ideas? Thanks.

The newspaper I mentioned is a raunchy one with lots of girls showing their **** and a classified section where call girls advertise. Surely there is something similar in US?

Hmm lots of girls showing their **** huh? Wish I could get one

Where are yo organizing??

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Yes please!!

I would love to go to one.

Are you starting one and if so, private message the people who are interested. It sounds like a great idea.

I would love to participate in such a party.

Yes where do I sign up!
This is the first time hearing of something like geared towards pleasure.

o yes, count me in

Sounds like fun

I'm going to make it my mission to start one in my area every one on here who wants to attend is invited

Hell yeah!!!!!

This sounds positively fabulous, where is this happening and when???

I would join in with you for sue!

I been been trying to start something similar to what you're doing for a while, however if I'm ever in your area I would like to attend, I do know lots of tricks when pleasuring a nipple

Also I would like pleasuring your nipples,

It starts with lots of massaging and licking

I like teasing nibbling before.I suckle them

Love to be involved - just circle me, release those lovely nipples and let me pleasure one after another after another.....

was not aware of this one but sounds like a great idea , ;)

Would love to particpate

OMG, I need to go to one of these!!!

That would be great, I'd SO LOVE to focus on sensitive nipples and find out the best way to lick and suck them for hours, hopefully making the woman ****** several times just of nipple suckling.

I love my nipple ooooooo's !!!!

I'd LOVE to give you as many nipple oooooo's as possible, your pleasure completely rewards me !

This sounds like a great party idea! Anyone can play...

Sounded interesting to me also.......and so many imaginative minds focusing on just the nipples.....lots to learn, experience and observe.

IF you and BBWand40 are both there, I'm all over it.LOL

You wasn't on here at the time. This party just keeps getting better and better.