Pink Bullet Shot Them Dead

Wearing a shelf bra when you have puffy nipples is just the most erotic thing you can do. The nipples are pushed forward, the areolas are lifted, the breast is pointed...
My wife, who has small breast with large beautiful pink puffy nipples, often wears these bras. Under a regular sweater, one can just notice the amazing shape of her ****, while the deep cleavage those bras allow let the eyes wander on the pale skin of her chest.
A few months ago, she was wearing such a bra under a cardigan when a couple of friends came home for lunch with their kids. At some point, our younger daughter tried to get her mom's attention and pulled her sweater.
You can imagine what happened: the big pointed nipple of my wif came out of her sweater, while the bra was still hidden.
I think this pink bullet emerging from her grey top shot our friends dead, as no one said anything. Even the wife was speechless.
But my wife (had she noticed it?) stayed like this a few seconds that were an eternity. I can still picture her, quietly sitting in the living-room,with that deep cleavage leading to this amazing big juicy nipple. I was myself too moved to do or say anything. So I just stared at her until my daughter said "Mom, your *** is showing". Our friends laughed, my wife looked at her breast and very slowly replaced her sweater, not saying a word.
When our friends left, she told me nobody saw anything, that was too quick. But later that night, as I was showing her how she looked with that big nipple out of her sweater, she also told me that was the way it should be worn...
I was very excited, so I started kissing and licking her nipple. She added: "you see, isn't it perfect?"
sarkosarko sarkosarko
31-35, M
Dec 11, 2012