What Is It About Nipples....?

What is it about nipples that is so incredibly attractive? I'm 48 years old, i'm a mature, respectful person, but when a woman's nipples protrude even slightly through her clothing I can't stop looking... I love my wife's nipples, I can never get enough of them, and i do everything to find new ways to create pleasure through them for my wife. 

My own nipples are a relatively recent source of pleasure for me. They used to be so sensitive i could barely stand for them to be touched even lightly. Now, i love them tweaked and squeezed, pulled, sucked and licked! They have grown larger and stick out quite a bit. I find i can't stop tweaking them myself sometimes!

coobooloo coobooloo
46-50, M
1 Response Jun 25, 2009

I used to have a sensitive body ie. ears neck, skin, and everywhere else. Since my MCZ in 95 causing a closed head inmjury my body sucks. In the past my neck could be kissed and I had an erection. Now it takes at least 5 minutes of kissing to arouse me. :'( Also in the past just a slight lick of my nipples got me hard. Geesh. :'(